First Generations – 1967, 1968 and 1969 Camaro Parts

The first generation of Camaros (1967-1969) was the one that brought the Z28 in the automotive world, so car lovers looking for 1969, 1968 or 1967 Camaro parts are definitely familiar with one of the most spectacular packages ever offered by Chevrolet. One could only get the new Z28 package if they ordered a base Camaro that had the option; it featured four speed transmission, front disc-brakes heaving power assist, competition suspension and the unique 302 small block (a result of the installation of a short stroke 283 crank on the 327 block). Z28s models are much appreciated by collectors because just 602 cars of this kind were produced, compared to 64,842 Camaro RS cars and 34,441 Camaro SS.

The first generation of Camaro cars was available as two-door, two+ two seating, coupe and convertible – with 4.1 L inline-6 and 4.9 L, 5.0 L, 5.4 L, 5.7 L or 6.5 L V8 powerplants. The body was a unitary construction or Monocoque.

The engine of the 1967 Camaro was designed for the Club of America Trans-Am racing series. Although the 302 was said to run at 290 hp, the reading on the dynamometer surpassed this value, as the 302 ran between 350 and 400 hp; it could launch the Camaro to 96 kph in under 7 seconds.

The Z28 package focused exclusively on racing, so a Camaro 1968 with the Z28 package would not have the same basic 1968 Camaro parts; it did not have too many of the available factory and dealer options. Still, since the car won races, in 1968, the production of Camaros featuring the Z28 package grew spectacularly – to 7,199 units. The next year, the Z28 production reached 19,000 units.

Camaro parts are quite particular, especially the emblems certifying the ID of the vehicle, as well as the interior pieces. The 1967 Camaro offered plenty of possibilities regarding the interior design. You could have bucket or bench seats, and there were many different styles and colors that you could opt for. Standard interiors were white, black, gold, red or light blue. If you paid for a deluxe interior, you got unique door panels and you could choose between black-white stripe, off white-black stripe, gold-white stripe, bright blue-white stripe, red-black stripe and aqua-dark aqua stripe color combinations for the comfortweave seats. A particularly rare option was the rear seat that folded down.

How much you should expect to pay for various parts

If you want to restore your classic Camaro, here is what you may have to pay for the right parts: a Z28 wheel center cap is about $50; the 11 inch power break booster may cost around $170; the fan and clutch kit for Chevrolet V8 with short water pump HD usually reaches $120; the factory booster, master and valve kit is $250, and for the gauge panel you can expect to pay around $1000.

Classic Camaro parts are quite easy to find at dedicated online shops, and if you know where to look for them, you can also get them at more affordable prices.