Classic Chevy Truck Parts – How to Locate Vintage Parts for Your Chevy

Chevy trucks, especially the 1954 and 1970 models, are extremely loved by collectors and connoisseurs, and 1954 and 1970 Chevy truck parts are very popular and sought after, particularly over the internet. There is a very strong bond between old Chevy trucks and their owners. This type of truck benefits from incredible brand loyalty; just few other car models have such faithful admirers.

Chevrolet started manufacturing trucks in the early thirties, and it seems that these trucks have gotten more and more appreciated since then.

Chevrolet’s Advanced Design series brought the redesign that was much needed after the World War II. The trucks were now bigger, stronger and slicker, looking very impressive. They were made available in June 28, 1947 and were sold (suffering minor changes during time) until March 25, 1955 when a new line – the Task Force series replaced them. Between 1947 and 1955, they were the most beloved cars and the number one in sales in the U.S.

1954 Chevy truck parts are in great demand nowadays, because the 1954 Chevy truck introduced substantial changes, amongst which the round tail lights (instead of rectangular), the improved dashboard and steering wheel, the horizontal cargo bed rails (instead of angled), the “bull nose” grille (instead of horizontal slats), the 235 in2 straight-6 engine and the hydramatic automatic transmission that was featured as a paid-for option for the first time. This iconic model is still owned by quite a large number of people, so there are a lot of chances to find 1954 Chevy truck parts in good condition if you search online.

Vintage Chevy truck parts can be quite expensive, especially if you own a model that is rare and whose parts are not readily available. In this situation, finding the parts you need is a bit trickier, so it is advisable to get to know people who own the same model that you own and keep in touch. If this is not an option, you should inquire on websites that look reliable.

Also, look online for junk yards and salvage yards that may have the parts you need. The internet can also help you find a reputable machine shop and have the vintage truck part you need made, if this is your only possibility. Of course, you will have to pay more, but you will no longer have to wait and perform in depth research.

Besides the 1954 model, for which parts are still easily available due to its popularity, the 1960 Chevy is also a bit easier to maintain. 1960 was the year of a redesigned body style: the Chevy was a light pick-up truck and featured a lot of firsts, including a drop-center ladder frame, a new designation system designed by General Motors and independent front suspension. In 1967, the “Action Line” brought a modern look. The car that seemed to serve work purposes alone was then characterized by comfort and convenience. In 1969, the truck got a more powerful engine, a more upright hood and a redesigned grille.

The 1970 Chevy truck came with an updated grille with plastic inserts that featured highlights so that 6 separate sections were noticeable. 1970 Chevy truck parts can now only be found online, since this model and the whole line actually are no longer being manufactured and are quite rare.

It is essential to be aware of all the changes that Chevrolet introduced from generation to generation and to know what makes every truck special. When trying to restore a vintage Chevy truck, you may face serious problems regarding the parts you need to replace. Even when you search over the internet, you still may not get lucky from the first attempt. Do not try to adapt a part that is not right for the truck model you are trying to restore, because it could turn into a disaster. If you cannot find the part you are looking for, try to locate online vintage truck clubs, because their members can be of real help. However, prepare to pay a membership fee that may be necessary in some cases.

Buying vintage Chevy truck parts online is easy, since you can basically search the whole world without having to leave the house, and you make use of online payment systems for safe and fast transactions.

So, start digging through the World Wide Web and, with a little patience and the right information, you will find the classic Chevy truck parts you need.